in Dresden

in Dresden – photography Karpinski Michal

in dresden

In the vibrant city of Dresden, known for its classical architecture and artistic heritage, I captured one of my most unique photographs in 2022. It’s a depiction that strays from conventional beauty, yet holds a captivating allure in its peculiarity. The subject? A concrete animal head, adorning a building, a sight that might seem oddly out of place yet is profoundly memorable.

This photograph showcases a concrete animal head, an architectural element that is as strange as it is intriguing. Unlike the typical scenes of Dresden that feature baroque artistry and scenic landscapes, this image stands out for its stark, unconventional beauty. It’s not the kind of picture you’d typically see gracing the pages of a travel brochure or the cover of a diary. Yet, there’s something undeniably compelling about it.

For me, this photo goes beyond its aesthetic value. It represents a personal connection to Dresden, a moment captured that resonates with my artistic sensibilities. It’s a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, in forms that challenge our conventional perceptions. This photograph is more than just an image; it’s a piece of my artistic journey, a testament to my exploration and appreciation of diverse forms of art.

in dresden Karpinski Michal photo




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