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Michał Karpiński

Greetings, I’m Michał Karpiński, an artist whose heart beats in sync with the vibrant rhythms of surrealism in painting, the profound depths and fleeting moments captured in photography, and the boundless liberty found in graphic design.

My artistic journey began with the whimsical and intriguing world of surrealism in painting. This style, with its dreamlike scenes and fantastical imagery, has always fascinated me. It allows me to delve into the depths of my imagination, creating paintings that are not just seen but experienced, inviting viewers into worlds beyond the ordinary.

Photography for me is an exploration of the depth and transience of moments. Each photograph I capture is a testament to the fleeting nature of time, a frozen narrative that speaks volumes. Through my lens, I strive to seize those ephemeral moments, weaving stories that resonate with the soul and reveal the unnoticed beauty of the everyday world.

In the realm of graphics, I embrace total freedom. This medium liberates me from the physical constraints of traditional art forms. Here, I can experiment with ideas and concepts that are unbounded by the limits of the physical world. My graphic designs are a playground for my creativity, where innovation meets the limitless potential of digital art.

The culmination of my artistic endeavors is inphotostock.com, a unique platform where my surreal paintings, profound photographs, and uninhibited graphic designs come together. This website is not just a showcase of my work; it’s a glimpse into the essence of who I am as an artist.

Now, I open up this world to you. Join me in this journey through surreal landscapes, captured moments, and graphic explorations, where each creation is a piece of my artistic soul, shared with the world.

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