My Graphics

My journey into the realm of graphic design, akin to a sibling of painting, has been an integral part of my artistic identity. Like painting, graphics have always resonated within me, a silent call that I have felt since my earliest memories. The seed of this passion was planted in 1992, a significant year marked by the arrival of an Atari 65XE computer in our household. It was a shared treasure between my sister and me, a portal to a world of digital creativity that fascinated me endlessly. In those days, creating graphics was a vastly different endeavor than it is now. Modern graphics are crafted and drawn in dedicated programs, a streamlined process that contrasts sharply with the past. Back then, graphics had to be written like a program, a complex blend of art and coding that intrigued my young mind.

Despite this early intrigue, it was not until 2010 that I fully embraced the world of graphic design. This was the year I finally acquired the tools necessary for graphic creation and, more importantly, began to understand its essence and applications. It marked a turning point, a moment when my curiosity transformed into a dedicated pursuit. The transition from fascination to actual creation was not just about acquiring the physical tools; it was about reaching a level of understanding and readiness, a readiness to delve into this intricate and evolving field.

Since then, my journey as a graphic designer has been one of constant learning and adaptation. In this field, technology evolves at a breakneck pace, and staying abreast of new developments is not just beneficial but essential. Each new software, tool, or technique opens up possibilities that were once unimaginable, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. As a graphic designer, the learning never stops; each project is an opportunity to explore, to experiment, and to grow.

In my current practice, I endeavor to meld my graphic design work with the painting techniques that are ingrained in my artistic DNA. This fusion is not just about combining two different mediums; it is about creating a synergy that brings out the best of both worlds. My paintings lend emotion, depth, and texture to my graphics, while the precision and versatility of digital design bring a new dimension to my paintings. This interplay is a dance of colors, forms, and technology, a blend that continues to evolve as I explore new ways to express my artistic vision. Through this blend, I aim to create works that are not just visually striking but are also rich in meaning and craftsmanship, a true reflection of my journey as an artist.